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yhoti: Notes from the Mall is the blog for the online shopping Mall yhoti.com. Read about the latest Fashion, New stores and Great deals for savvy shoppers.

 yhoti.com – Your Home On The Interenet:  Based in Montreal, yhoti.com was launched in the fall of 2011 with a goal of providing safe and reliable online shopping. yhoti offers easy access to many of the best shopping websites, plus Cash Rewards on purchases and free membership. Our focus is on Fashion but like any Mall our product selection includes:   electronics, computers, office supplies, jewelry, toys, travel and gifts. 

  Whether customers are experienced online shoppers, or have never tried it, yhoti.com provides a great online shopping experience. yhoti is the brainchild of Andy Bocking and is a division of Repareware; Eastern Canada’s largest consumer electronics service business. Andy noticed that online shopping could be confusing and that quality websites could be hard to find. He developed the idea of an online mall that would provide consumers with a familiar shopping experience.  Sharing purchase commissions (Cash Rewards) with members is a bonus that many websites don’t do.

People ask: “How does yhoti work, it sounds to good to be true?” The answer is simple: When a customer logs on to yhoti, clicks the store links and makes a purchase on a store’s website, yhoti is paid a commission. yhoti then passes this on in cash rewards to the shopper. These rewards vary by store and pay up to 15% back.  Members also get paid in cash for referring yhoti to their friends.

Contact Us

Do you have more questions?  Do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We also love to hear your feedback and suggestions to make yhoti: Notes from the Mall and yhoti.com better.

Want to know more? Contact us for Details:

yhoti Blogger Affiliate Program; yhoti is looking to partner with Family friendly Bloggers for a long term partnership . Contact us for more information on how to monetize your blog. 

yhoti Fund Raising: Support your favourite Charities, School groups and Sports organizations with fundraising through Cash Rewards. Raise funds by doing what you were already doing – shopping online.  Contact us for more information.

Key Contacts:

yhoti.com website / general inquiries: Andy Bocking Andy@yhoti.com

yhoti: Notes from the Mall Blog: Richard Down Richard@yhoti.com

yhoti Blogger Affiliate Program: Ron Wigdor Ron@yhoti.com


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